Tim, The Denver Broncos are a team, Not Just You!

Hey Tim, when you go out there today with your 52 teammates, would you please embrace the offensive weapons at your disposal? You don’t have to carry the whole team on your shoulders: Let the team protect you and give you the precious seconds you need to get off screens to Decker or Thomas against the #1 pass defense. Let the O-Line open up holes for McGahee. Give the new guy Johnson the ball in short-yardage situations since he’s familiar with the option offense. You don’t have to run every play. You don’t have to slam head-first against defenders in lieu of sliding like other QBs do when you do have to run. You don’t have to throw deep or make huge plays. Your fans will be satisfied with going 10 yards every 3 plays against the Steelers top-ranked defense, eating up the clock, and scoring just enough to compensate for your defense. Give them enough rest to be 100% as they go up against Big Ben despite his injury and Mendenhall being out. Don’t let the team and city down by making rookie mistakes. Trust those around you to back you up. Utilize your offensive resources before it’s too late! Win as a team! Win as we know The Denver Broncos can win! Don’t let Pittsburgh come in OUR HOUSE and embarrass the team and the City of Denver. Fight for you legion of fans who lobbied for you to start.

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