Higgs Bosom Particle

If the Higgs Bosom particle has been discovered, it can be compared to The Eagle landing on The Moon – http://dld.bz/b76nA

    • Honest
    • July 6th, 2012

    In the beginig was void and everything came out of the invisible. God being the cause said “let it be light” – energy unending supply came to be. God is the source therefore all resources are met in our unlimited life. One thing that restricted resources was sin of the man. Due to that sin the Saivor was born to whom ever belives on him will regain what was lost once. Think this in your heart. Everyone thats reads this message Belive please and you will never regret because live is like a vapor it will end quickly. So be prepared before your out. Nothing else really matter (wealth, family, kids, friends, world, all are going to be over for everyone some day) and one unanswered question will remain: Who is is going to save us??? think, think, think
    Wish that you all be saved!!!

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