One Firefox Addon to Tweet More Often without Annoying Your Followers

Aimee Sway
Aimee Sway


Every day we are coming across many different articles and other interesting content. Often it can be a hassle to tweet all these things at once, as you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with all these tweets.

In recent weeks a new Tool emerged which makes the publishing of tweets, well spaced out in intervals over the day, as simple as possible. It is called Buffer and allows you to put tweets from anywhere on the web into your “Buffer”. From there, tweets are sent well spaced out over the day.

As the recent add-on to their feature set, the team has now published a Firefox Add-on, which brings the Buffer experience directly to any browser for you. Additionally a Safari and Chrome extension already exist too.

Why is “Buffering” useful?

What I like particularly about Buffering tweets is that you can without any worries simply hit the Buffer button whenever you are reading an interesting article. So when you are reading your morning news you can put say 5 different articles in your Buffer.

They will then be posted for you well spaced out over the day. No one of your followers will be flooded with tweets.

5 Features of the Buffer Firefox Add-On

1) Buffer your tweets on any website

The core feature of the Addon is that you are able to give it one click on the Buffer Button no matter where you are online. This will give you the title of the page and the shortened URL. Simply “add to Buffer”:

Buffer your tweets on any website

2) Handy Keyboard Shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + b”

For those, who want to make it even faster and more effortless to bring up the above Buffer Box, the Addon boasts a handy keyboard shortcut. Simply try hitting “Ctrl + Alt + b” and then add to your Buffer.

Handy Keyboard Shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + b”

3) Highlighting Text feature to make Tweets unique

Another very interesting feature I found is that you can highlight some text in an article and then click the Buffer Button. It will turn this quoted line into Tweet for you. I believe this is particularly helpful as you can give your Tweets a unique face and also connect in a better way to the author:

Highlighting Text feature to make Tweets unique

4) Buffer Retweets right from

A super handy feature is that you are able to Buffer Retweets right from Twitter’s web interface with the Firefox Addon of Buffer. What I like about this option is that it gives me a very efficient way to do the old school RTs which are also seen by the initial tweeter, something that is lost for native RTs:

Buffer Retweets right from

5) Right click and “Add Page to Buffer”

As a final hint I want to point you towards the right click option whilst you are browsing on a site. Simply hit the bottom option and the usual Buffer Box will appear for you to add the Tweet into your Buffer:

“Add Page to Buffer”


I found that Buffering is becoming a very useful way to share content from anywhere on the web. And the fact that your tweets are well spaced out also makes for a much appreciated pattern for your followers.

For the future, the goal is to make Buffering even simpler for you by integrating the App into many different reader, Twitter and mobile Apps, told me Co-Founder Leo Widrich.

You can give it a go here: BufferApp


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